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What is StoryJam?

StoryJam™, is a  creative work session designed to discover the breadth of possibilities and opportunities for a very different experience through group creativity and collaboration. During the session you will thoroughly engage yourself while participating in a facilitated creative thinking environment with fellow participants who are invested in the future of your group. You will work with a group of dynamic hosts who have uncovered innovative solutions and developed successful stories for some of the largest organizations in the world. You will work with them to discover your story!

StoryJam Goes Beyond Brainstorming

 StoryJam™ goes beyond "brainstorming." It is both process and product. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to develop a new product, define who you are, create a new experience, or reinvent the way you operate. Nothing beats a story in being able to share a common vision, chart a clear path, and show others where you want to end up. We’ve done it for pharmaceutical companies, hotel chains, internet businesses, emerging technologies and R&D operations, new communities … even science museums. The StoryJam™ process is built on getting the attention of the team, clarifying and defining the power and elements of story, crafting the real/new organizational story, defining the “So what?” and the “What’s next?” We can help execute your story within the organization through tools and products as well as after-action follow-up from our team.

StoryJam Doesn't Just End

We offer a proprietary online delivery tool that allows you and your participants continuous access to all the stories and ideas you develop.  A full report including, executive summary, action & analysis, plus detailed session notes are provided online.  A unique personal VAULT allows you to create your own individualized action plan.  When you return from your experience, you will be able to share your learnings, and all of the valuable resources you developed with your colleagues by a simple click of the mouse.


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